Judith Brandner

Welcome to my homepage!

I have been a devoted radio journalist since 1984. My broadcasts can be heard on Ö1, the cultural division of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, ORF, but also on other stations such as DRS2 in Switzerland and SWR2 or Deutschlandradio in Germany. I regularly present the live morning programme „Radiokolleg“ on Ö1 and produce features on topics pertaining to science, politics and culture. As often as possible I travel to Japan to research socio-political topics for radio programmes as well as newspaper articles. My coverage of Japan appears regularly in the weekend edition of the Austrian daily newspaper Die Presse/Spectrum.

2011 and 2012 series of my reports from Japan have been published by Picus publishing company in Vienna. Michitani published a Japanese translation.

In 2014 "Zu Hause in Fukushima" (At Home in Fukushima) was published by Kremayr&Scheriau. This book contains 13 portraits of people living in Fukushima or having a strong affiliation to the place. Cooperation with the Japanese photographer Katsuhiro Ichikawa.

I also lecture radio journalism at various universities and an Adult Evening School in Vienna and give various presentations.

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Curriculum vitae

Born in Salzburg, April 15th, 1963

TV- and radio journalist, writer, moderator & presenter, University lecturer

Professional Experience:

Since 2017 TV-Journalist,  Austrian Broadcasting Corp., Vienna

1997-2017 Radiojournalist and anchorwoman of 'Radiokolleg', Ö1 (cultural radio programme), Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF, Vienna 

2016 Director of the TV documentary: Fukushima - 5 Years After The Nuclear Accident

1984 -1997 Editor and presenter of news magazine, Radio Austria International, Vienna

1987/88: Secretary of The Austrian Trade Commissioner, Austrian Embassy/Commercial Section Tokyo, Japan

1994/95: Foreign Correspondent for ORF in Kyoto/Japan

2002, 2015 and 2016/17: Lecturer, University of Vienna/ Institute of East Asian Studies

2002: Media In Theory And Praxis for Students of Japanese Studies;

2015: The Photographer Fukushima Kikujiro and His Perspective Of Contemporary Japanese History. Journalistic Analysis and German Translation Draft of the Documentary 'Nippon no Uso - Japan Lies';

2016/17: Political Protest Movements in Japan After 1945 In The Mirror Of German-language Papers

2009, 2011 and 2014: Visiting Professor, Nagoya City University, Japan

(Lectures in Compartive Cultural Studies: Dealing With The Wartime Past in Austria and Japan - A Comparison; The Austrian Writer Robert Jungk And His Perception Of Hiroshima and The Nuclear; Journalistic Research About The Consequences of the Nuclear Accident At Fukushima)

Lectures and speeches about my research on the Fukushima disaster at Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto; Bukkyo University, Kyoto; Nagoya City University; University of Vienna/East Asian Studies and many other, non-academic institutions

Since 1995 Lecturer at Adult Education School „polycollege", Vienna

(Journalism in theory and praxis. Creating radio programs; writing reports) 


Publications/Broadcasts in:

Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, Ö1 Vienna; Radio Austria International; Swiss Broadcasting Corporation SRF, Basel; German Broadcasting Corporation SWR2, Baden-Baden; German Broadcasting Corporation DF, Cologne; German Broadcasting Corporation HF, Frankfurt/Main; Italian Broadcasting Corporation, RAI Bozen

Spectrum/ Die Presse; Der Standard; Jüdisches Echo; Welt der Frau; Literatur und Kritik; Die Zeit; Gazette; Die Furche; Südwind; KONstruktiv and others



1981: Graduation from High School, Salzburg

1981-87: University of Vienna/Department of Translating and Interpreting, Institute of Japanese Cultural Studies: Academically Trained Translator (English and Japanese)

2004: University of Vienna, Institute of East Asian Studies: Bachelor in Japanese Cultural Studies and Translation Sciences

Journalist Awards:

1998 Human Rights Award In Journalism by the Austrian pressclub “Concordia”

2005 Herta Pammer Award For Publications On Women’s Rights

2005 Media Award Of The Austrian Standards Institute 

2006 Familia - Award For Publications Promoting Families Lifes

2008 Prälat Leopold Ungar Preis – Award for socially engaged journalism

2009 Journalist Award of the Austrian Hunting Association

2012 and 2015 Nomination for the Dr. Karl Renner Publication Award

2013 Verkauf-Verlon Award For Anti-Fascist Publications